Saturday, July 30, 2011

Marble Nails!!!

What you will need:
Jar (I used Kinleys old babyfood jars that I save)
Room temp water
2 or more nail polishs
Paper towels
Tape! (Take the time to tape its worth it)

This is my first go at it! I used China Glaze yellow, lime green, purple and pink. My base coat was white. My suggestions: Dip 2 nails at same time, do same color combo and designs and dip in nails the same way.

And here is the tutorial! Marble Nails Video

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Before and After: TV Console

What you will need:
 Handy hubby
1 can of spray paint
Wood Glue
and a Home Depot!

I hate CORDS. I hate seeing them. Its tacky! Plus if we had the DVD player and cable box on top it left everything off to the side and just looked bad. So I found a craigslist treasure! Got it for $80 buck. Sold our metal piece of crap.

We gutted it. Took the drawers, the drawer track and middle piece out. Got wood from home depot and they cut it out for us. We made the smaller necessary cuts and painted it about 5 times. Probably could of did a better job with the painting part by after 3 days anything would do.

Everything is in its place. NOOOOOO CORDS!

The left over drawers will be our new ottoman!