About ME

Hello! I am MacKenzie from When She Sleeps. When She Sleeps is all about that much needed daily therapy session when your little one is safely in their bed. I love sewing, painting, decorating, photography, and crafting. I hope to take the leap into power tools!

 This is my fam[ily]. Bryan and I met as kids at Knotts Berry Farm, through a cousin of his. He held my hand on one roller coaster ride and it was instant crush. Nearly 9 years later, he stepped out on the front porch and I was in love. We spent 2 days together, and I knew I wanted to see where things would go. I asked him out and visited him in Kentucky the weekend before he deployed. The trip only confirmed my feelings for him. He was deployed to Iraq for a total of 13 1/2 months. Returning home for his mid-tour leave after 10 months away.

All I could hope was that the love was still there. After 10 days of being home, he proposed. With my teeth filled with crackers I said YES! This time we didn't want to wait and got married the following week. 8-03-08 in Lake Tahoe, NV. Beautiful right?
 Bryan returned from Iraq on 11-21-2008, and wouldn't have to deploy again. This would have been the best day of my life, until that exact same day 2 years later, a beautiful girl with jet black hair made her grand entrance.

11-21 will always be the best day of my life. She is our world. My inspiration to always do and be more.

The little things that make me, ME:
:: My favorite animal is a snail, and I have one tattooed on my foot, next to my frog prince.
:: I think its pretty cool my initials never changed.
:: My favorite color is YELLOW, and I want a yellow couch someday.
:: Dream car 67' volkswagon bug with the top cut off, if it rains I will wear a poncho.
:: I have to touch fabric. Its IMPORTANT.
:: I once waxed my own eyebrow off, trying to keep it a secret, then randomly announcing it at dinner with my parents, causing hysterical laughter. {Top 10 greatest moments}
:: I though Panda Express was only at the Zoo.
:: Zoo monkeys are educational.
:: I always bite more than I can chew.
:: Speaking of chewing, if I drink anything I put it in my cheeks before swallowing, gaining the nickname chipmunk from Bryan.
:: Only reason he kissed me was cause I bit his thumb {I blocked this from my memory, must have been embarassing}
:: I eat like a 3rd grader, PB&J, mac & cheese, hamburgers, sloppy joes, ding dongs/ cookies/ cake for breakfast.
:: I LOVE purple and orange soda.
:: As a kid my parents banned me from "serge" because it made me extremely hyper.
:: Middle school my mom made me a blues clues costume. :-/
:: I can ONLY tell time on a digital clock.
:: I can look at something and know how its put together.
:: I am the only one crazy enough to marry Bryan, vice versa.
:: I find myself a postive person {never let them see you sweat}
:: I was convinced I was having a boy and cried that she was a girl, because I never thought I'd be lucky enough to have a daughter since I could sew and make bows.
:: Picked the names Kinley or Kale, because my niece would of pronounced it "tinley or tale" So cute.
:: My husband and I go over plans if a natural disaster happened before bed.
:: If I see a snail I move it to safety. And once tried to talk someone out of buying snail killer, and offered my services to remove them safely. My offer was declined.
:: I can shoot a gun. Quite handy with a rifle.
:: My dad taught me how to weld.
:: I once designed a dress out of placemats and curtains.