Friday, May 13, 2011

APPLE of my EYE!

So I started making these over a year ago. And I made my first one for a friends baby shower. When she pulled it out of the bag I told her it was a "birthing diaper" to catch all the fluids. Lol. She was in total shock. I think I have a picture of her facial expression- priceless! The stares I got as a room full of people though "WTHeck" I quickly said just kiddding its a shopping cart cover! Well these covers are my signature baby gift cause you can use them in 3 ways!
In a swing! No burned bum bum!
She clearly is enjoying herself....In a high chair.
Toy hooks so your not picking up toys off floor. Her hooks have her initials. (Not standard)
@Toms Burger, Home of the educated Burger LOVING her COVER
Wraps around. 1.5 yards of fabric on each side with batting in between for added comfort.
Yes it fits ALL carts.
Lined leg holes. Everything has been serged for strength. And elastic for gripping.  
I garuantee quality of all my handmade products. If any issues should appear mail it back to me and I will fix it!

xOxO -Kenzie


  1. do I get one as a baby gift? ;) she looks precious! and you did a great job!

  2. They look great!!! Love that fabric! Especially love the model!!!!

  3. these are so cute! and i love that you told her it was a birthing diaper. hilarious!

  4. Is your Etsy store up yet?