Saturday, June 4, 2011

When we all sleep...Quick Curls!

My 'getting ready' time use to be 7-8am. Ever since a little girl came into my life it is the LAST thing I do. My hair, if Bryan is working, is in the "mommy bun."

 I hate that I am admitting this...But one day when Bryan was doing some sort of training he got to come home from lunch. He was playing with Kinley and I was watching. I love seeing them together. He suddenly looks at me and says "Well, do you want to go take a shower?!" I was like no I am okay. Then again he says "No really, do you want to go shower?" I say "No I want to spend time with you guys!" Now I swore to him to NEVER and I mean NEVER let me become the "Frumpy Mom" you know that one that is out in Wal-Mart in sweats. Then very sturnly he says "You need to go shower" Haha. Then I realized he was indirectly calling me frumpy! Never again has this sort of situation happened again.

So here is goes! Here I hope is the end to "I have no idea what to do with my hair, and I am tired of the ponytail/ bun!"

I wil post my results as long as.....You share yours ;-)

Here is the link:

And another link from Happy Together one of my favorite bloggers: She has SUPER LONG THICK HAIR!

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