Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our almost FREE patio table.

So we have nothing in our backyard, and I have always wanted a magical back yard to "drink chocolate milk and watch the sun go down." Well we are getting there! I discoverd pinterest and am addicted. My world of immitating ideas has grown immensly.

So my mom 'pinned' this. And I fell in love.
 My amazing husband and I drove down alleys and "came across" two pallets. Bryan got the hardware from home depot. 16 "L" brackets, wood screws, and all metal wheels. We could of gotten bigger wheels but we liked the look of all metal ones. I also watered down paint with a cloth and brushed it over the wood. Like a tea stain. I also sanded the edges a bit. I am very please with the turn out, and the fact it only cost us $15.

Here we are waiting for paint to dry!

So here she is!
Now deciding if I need some more of these!

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  1. cuuuuuute! I'm soooo showing this to my hubby... I want a pallet patio table!